A huge misconception is that ‘models’ don’t eat the day of a photoshoot…
Perhaps that’s true for some however the more educated I have become around food I have realised that you don’t need to go to extremes or suffer.

Make up and hair is usually quite early in the morning however as I’m very much a creature of habit and thrive off my morning routine. I wake up extra early so I can still sit and have my coffee in peace before the hectic day begins!

I’ll have something small like a protein bar and energy drink! I also like to pack snacks for the day…for myself and the rest of the crew. We have waters, soda, chips, lollies, protein bars, berries.

On shoot I tend to get in my zone and will just break whenever the crew needs a lunch break. We order Uber Eats and I will get grilled chicken salad or something similar. If I can get a Nandos Superfood Salad with chicken…that’s an all time favourite for me! I make healthier choices and again select what works for me.

Once I have gone over all the BTS content it’s to to unwinde. After a big shoot day I love to either go out for dinner (pre-covid lockdown times) or just order in Uber Eats! My favourite is a big Japanese feast of my
favourite sushi!