Attention Recovery

Worried about sorenesss….Weakness….LISTEN UP!!!!

Yes you are probably going to be sore the next day. Make sure you a paying attention to recovery. Eat to nourish your body & help with muscle recovery & prioritise sleep. Make sure prior to your first couple of sessions you do a warm up - get that heart rate up a little and muscles warm! 


it’s about confidence

Build your confidence! You may have been working out in the comfort of your own home & it’s now time to get back in to the crowded gym which can be overwhelming. I get it!! Focus on you. Have a training plan so you can maximise your time in the gym & so you have something to follow. Go with a friend if it helps!


the key is build it up


The reality is…yes you have probably lost some strength. The good news - it will come back! The key is to just take it easy the first couple of weeks. Don’t expect to hit the gym the first time back & lift the weights you were previously if you haven’t been training at that same intensity. It’s OKAY to drop the weight to build back up your base strength.



The goal initially is to build back your frequency & intensity. Don’t go your max efforts first day back…. My advice is to walk out of the gym feeling like you still have a little more in the tank. It will be motivating then for your next session knowing you can progress.



It’s okay to ease back into things. No one is judging you! We have literally ALL been through this recent pandemic & no one is looking at what weight you are lifting in the gym…people are too focused on themselves.



GUESS WHAT - don’t let this stop you or turn you off the gym. It might feel like you SUCK at first but keep going, keep consistent, build your confidence, build back your strength….in a few weeks you will be back to your usual self before you know it!!!!