Inspired by the fear of being average.

Lauren Simpson the founder and CEO of Rare Collective Official had a clear vision in mind when she created her brand. 

To empower women to feel CONFIDENT.

RARE is not about being ordinary and blending into the crowd.
It is about making a statement and feeling incredible when you do so.

Since its founding in 2021 the evolution of the brand has been extraordinary. From its beginnings of mastering the basics in lifestyle, it has evolved to activewear, swimwear, accessories and more.

Lauren saw a yearning from women around the world to ditch the basic black activewear tights and make a statement. Whether it’s lifting like a boss in the gym to brunches and hot girl walks with your besties. The design team of RARE create with one thing in mind. TO MAKE AN IMPACT.

High quality garments, limited edition prints and colours and constantly being a forerunner of trends instead of a follower. RARE encourages women around the globe to shine.

The women behind RARE drive every design. With each garment evolution we listen to your feedback, we apply it to the next designs. You are the heart of the brand, and we love nothing more then creating the pieces of your dreams

For our NEW RARE women, we cannot wait to meet you. For our CURRENT RARE WOMEN, our gratitude for love and support of the brand is immeasurable.


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