RISE by Rare Collective Event Terms & Conditions

Please read the following T&Cd before completing your registration for the event. These T&Cs apply to all participants in the event.


Rare Collective

ABN (To be confirmed)


  1. The T&Cs of participation in the event are to enable the event to run smoothly and safely. By registering to attend and participate in the event, the RARE GIRL agrees to and is bound by these T&Cs.
    1. All RARE GIRLs must register by purchasing a ticket online and accepting the Conditions of Entry
    2. RARE GIRLs may only enter the event by agreeing to the terms of the limited released from liability and indemnity below.
    3. RARE COLLECTIVE may, it its absolute discretion and without giving reasons for its decision, accept or refuse an application for registration to the event. In the case of refusal a full refund will be issued.
    4. Your Agreement: By clicking on the “I AGREE” button at the end of these T&Cs, you signify that you agree to the T&Cs for entry and rules for the event. If you are purchasing a ticket on behalf of someone else, by clicking the “I AGREE” button you signify that you agree to these T&Cs on their behalf.


  1. If the RARE GIRL is under 18 on the day of the event, they must be participating with a RARE GIRL over 18.
  2. RARE GIRLs participating in the event are required to wear their Rise Collection Products, selected with the ticket at cart checkout
  3. RARE GIRLs must always behave in a safe and responsible manner while participating in the workout.
  4. RARE GIRLs are responsible for ensuring that they are adequately and appropriate prepared for the event. If the RARE GIRL has any health issues or doubts prior to the event, they should immediately seek appropriate medical advice.
  5. RARE COLLECTIVE are not responsible for or liable to the RARE GIRL for any loss, damage, cost or expense, whether direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise and howsoever or wheresoever incurred by the RARE GIRL resulting from any action take by RARE COLLECTIVE.
  6. Communications in relation to the event will principally be via email. The RARE GIRL will be asked to provide a valid email address at checkout. It the RARE GIRL does not have access to an email address, the RARE GIRL must view the event details on the website.


  1. Each RARE GIRL must make themselves aware of an comply with any health alerts and QLD government health requirements at the time of the event.
  2. If the RARE GIRL becomes ill or injured during the event, RARE COLLECTIVE will endeavour to arrange medical transport, usually in an ambulance. Any medical transport will be at the RARE GIRLs expense.
  3. In the event of a medical emergency, RARE COLLECTIVE may disclose information about a RARE GIRLs Health Condition to assist an attending health professional in treating the RARE GIRL.


  1. Due to limited capacity, all ticket sales to the event are final and are not eligible for a refund.


  1. You should be aware that, as a condition of entry, RARE GIRLS consent to RARE COLLECTIVE’s use of their image in promotional material.


  1. All personal information of RARE GIRLs will remain the property of RARE COLLECTIVE only.


  1. Each RARE GIRL confirms that they have sufficient competence and experience to participate safely in the event.
  2. It is a condition of participating that each RARE GIRL waive, to the extent permitted by law, any claims, right or cause of action that they, personally, and the heirs, executors and administrators of the RARE GIRL may have in contract and vicil wrongs law for any harm or disadvantage arising from the event.


I agree to the terms & conditions (T&Cs) and rules of the event.